In order to enroll in a program at inlingua Washington DC, students are required to submit their application form online and send all applicable documents to inlingua.

All new students are expected to take our placement test at least 3 working days before the beginning of a session to guarantee a seat in the assigned level. If a student reports to inlingua after the deadline, he/she will only be able to enroll in a class based on availability at the time of arrival.

We accept cash, U.S. checks, traveler checks, wire transfer, and Credit Cards. (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). When enrolling, all new students must pay in full the registration fee and tuition for a minimum of 8 weeks unless previously approved for a shorter term. In general, students can choose to take any of the programs that inlingua offers, however, for those with an F-1 Student Visa, the Intensive Plus, Test Preparation or Standard Programs are mandatory. F-1 Student Visa holders will be given the choice among the Standard English Morning Program, the Standard English Afternoon Program and the Standard English Evening Program only if their levels are being offered. Otherwise Standard English Morning Program is mandatory.

All new students are expected to attend Student Orientation held in the Student Lounge. The orientation is held at 1:30 PM, on the first Tuesday of every new session. Please check the inlingua calendar for exact dates and times. The orientation will introduce students to key staff members. Our advisors will explain academic and governmental policies that affect students. Students will also receive information about our facilities, extra-curricular activities, volunteer opportunities, and health and safety issues. This is a great opportunity to ask inlingua staff about any questions students may have regarding studying at Inlingua and living in the DC area. 


Sessions Start Date End Date
1 Monday
December 02 2013
January 30 2014
2 Monday
February 3 2014
March 28 2014
3 Monday
March 31 2014
May 23 2014
4 Monday
May 27 2014
July 18 2014
5 Monday
July 21 2014
September 12 2014
6 Monday
September 15 2014
November 7 2014
7 Wednesday
November 12 2014
January 9 2015