You made the right decision in studying at Inlingua Washington DC, Congratulations!

Now please follow these easy steps in order to complete the admissions process and submit your application to change your status to F-1 Student Visa Status.

Step: 1

a)    Complete our online application form

b)    Pay the Registration Fee (one time only), the tuition fee for your first session and the SEVIS

c)    Provide Inlingua Washington DC a copy of your passport with at least 6 months of validity
       and an I-94 Form.

d)    Provide evidence that you have adequate financial resources to support your educational
       and living expenses in the United States:

            •    Evidence can include a letter from your bank, bank statements or a letter from your
                 employer stating your position, salary and written permission to study at Inlingua
                 Washington DC.

            •    If your sponsor lives in the United States, then the sponsor should complete the Affidavit
                 of Support Form
(Form-134) and provide evidence that the sponsor has adequate  
                 funds to support the student financially.

            •    If your sponsor lives outside the United States, then the sponsor should write a
                 certified letter stating that he or she will support the student financially.

Please note that all documents must be original and translated into English.

e)    Write a letter addressed to USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services)
       explaining your reasons for changing your status to F-1 Student Visa Status to allow you to
       study at inlingua Washington DC. This letter must clearly state your intention to return to
       your country upon the completion of your studies in the United States. Please contact your
       International Student Advisor if you need help on this matter.

f)    Fill out an Application to Change Nonimmigrant Status (Form I-539) .

Step: 2

Once you complete your online application and submit your documents, Inlingua will issue a Change of Status Request I-20 Form and pay the SEVIS Fee on your behalf.

Step: 3

Make sure you send your application via a Courier or Priority Mail so you can confirm the delivery of your package. USCIS can take up to 180 days to adjudicate (approve/deny) your application, but usually an answer is received within 2-3 months.

Step: 4

You must start attending your classes at inlingua as soon as USCIS approves your application.

If you are concerned or are unsure of the application process, inlingua can process your application for a nominal fee (Change of Status Processing Fee). Please refer to Tuition and Fees page for details.